GWKOM Services

Overview of our Services

Starting with your enquiry, through competent advice, detailed planning, successful implementation to ongoing support. Whether it is for small, medium-sized or larger companies.

A description of what we can do for you

  • coordinate and analyse client requirements
  • send enquiries to providers that are most suited to implementing the solution that has been discussed
  • compare offers and check back with client
  • carry out detailed negotiations with providers and check the draft contracts
  • check back with the client and prepare decisions
  • guide through the implementation phase

Product Areas

  • Internet access/broadband
  • location networking (IP VPN MPLS)
  • Ethernet networking (e.g. point-to-point)
  • mobile data solutions
    Managed Service
  • co-location
  • hosting
  • SaaS
  • cloud computing
  • landlines
  • premium services/service numbers
  • conference services
  • telephone exchanges
  • voice over IP
    Mobile Telecommunication
  • framework agreements
  • national & international tariffs
  • convergence products
  • hardware

Your Advantages

  • you benefit from our broad knowledge
  • free of charge as it is our partner who pays
  • direct, unchanging contact
  • additional customer service team to address your concerns
  • Our work is not finished once a project has been implemented
  • maximum cost control for you thanks to up-to-date benchmarks and market familiarity
  • advice and planning are provider-independent
Testimonials from our clients

“It means additional security for WGV to have a partner at our side who is always there for us and whose contacts have remained the same for years.”

Hans-Peter Graf, Head of Personnel and Company Organisation

“Before we worked with GW Kom, networking between our worldwide locations was always a headache. Things are quite different today, thanks to the team at GW KOM.”


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