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The company: We advise you independently and design individual solutions for your IT and telecommunication services free of charge. The ethos of our operation is to identify and implement customer requirements. Personal contact and open interaction are important to us.

About us

GW Kom e. K. is an independent corporate consultancy for information technology und telecommunication.

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Est. 2006, Owner: Guido Weippert, almost 30 years’ professional experience

As the leading company in our sector, we focus on advising and guiding commercial clients. Our skills in this field lie especially in creating the best possible link between people and technology. A solution is only good if it also matches the company and the pre-existing structures and processes, or to put it another way, it must match the people who use it.

Our team consisting of more than 15 qualified sales and service staff works hand-in-hand with our partner companies and assists commercial clients in a variety of fields. The clients benefit from our knowledge, our market expertise which is constantly updated and our long-term sectoral experience.
We are glad that your are interested in our service, and look forward to establishing an initial contact with you.

Our objectives

We prepare solutions that are finely-tuned to match our clients’ requirements and optimised to help them face future challenges.

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When our work is done, our client is offered the most economically viable solution available on the market. Not cheap, but good value for money. Our thoughts and deeds are devoted to our clients. We only promise what we can actually deliver. A negative reference equals ten positive ones in terms of its impact. We only recommend what we are really convinced of. This is the only way we can also convince our clients. We only recommend new solutions to our clients when the necessary tests have been done on them and they have become tried and tested. If we realise that the client is already applying solutions which we cannot optimise, our analysis is then naturally free of charge.

Testimonials from our clients

“It means additional security for WGV to have a partner at our side who is always there for us and whose contacts have remained the same for years.”

Hans-Peter Graf, Head of Personnel and Company Organisation

“Before we worked with GW Kom, networking between our worldwide locations was always a headache. Things are quite different today, thanks to the team at GW KOM.”


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